Notice: Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation has saved Miss Muddy ~ The event will continue and will grow in 2019 and beyond.

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Upcoming events

The Miss Muddy Course

5k of Colour, Foam, Inflatables, Mud and FUN!


Miss Muddy obstacles are designed to be fun first, and a challenge second (NO Electric Shocks OR Burpees!!). Challenging obstacles get an easy and hard option (easy left ... hard right) and if you don't feel comfortable doing it at all, feel free to skip past it with no penalty.


There is something about bouncing like a kid again that makes our inflatable obstacles the most loved on the course, whether it is Wipeout inspired or creating an adults jumping castle… when it comes to bounce, Miss Muddy has it all.


It Wouldn’t be Miss Muddy without a great mud pit to enjoy the sensation of getting dirty with your best buddies. Our mud pits are built from the ground up using only premium dirt, so we know exactly what it is that you are crawling though.


Water Balloon Battles, Pools full of slimy balls, Massive Inflatable obstacles all finishing off with a DJ infused Foam Party .... Miss Muddy is the number one female obstacle event for a reason and that reason is fun.


Who doesn't love some colour in their fun run ..... At Miss Muddy we have explosive liquid colour fired from a specially designed colour cannons as well as powder colour so you can join in on creating the kaleidoscope that is a Miss Muddy colour station.
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