Notice: 2018 will be the last Miss Muddy season EVER! Register before May 31st to get the commemorative Singlet.

Saturday 24th November 2018 - Lake Dewar Lodge, Myrniong


Miss Muddy PreSale is the period at the start of the event campaign where we access if there is enough interest to make the event live to the public in that region. We only take a $1 deposit per ticket with the balance payable only if we hit the required 2000 sign ups during the 6 week PreSale period.

Outside of securing your preferred the best priced tickets for the event, PreSale also offers a FREE In Training Singlet to those that book in PreSale and helped us get the event LIVE. (More on singlets below).

PreSale Bookings

Miss Muddy Melbourne 2018 PreSale bookings will be purchased through our contracted ticketing agent PleezPay. Through the ticketing platform you will be able to buy tickets for yourself and as many friends as you want as well. Please be mindful that if PreSale is successful ALL your friends payments will automatically come from your card that you entered, so you will need to take a collection.

All you need from your friends to book for them is an email address so you we can send them waiver information to sign. Please Note - The $1 is not refundable if the event doesn’t hit the required numbers.

PleezPay Dashboard

Your PleezPay dashboard for the event has limited functionality during PreSale, but you can go in to add more bookings, change your wave time and update your payment details if your credit card expires.

Cancelling PreSale Bookings

PreSale bookings can be cancelled up until the PreSale ending dates only. No cancellations can be made after this point to ensure the required numbers stay made. Once event is LIVE, you will be able to transfer tickets free of charge … so you can sell or gift on any tickets you can no longer use after PreSale.

Balance Of Payments

If your Miss Muddy Melbourne event hits the required numbers by the end of PreSale (March 20), we will notify everyone via email and SMS the details around the balance of payments which start exactly one week after PreSale ends (March 27).

The PreSale amount plus a per ticket ticketing fee will be taken to cover the event and all ticketing and check in admin, the ticketing fee amount varies per event brand and will be communicated on the booking page and your booking confirmation email.

Presale Singlets

Once all the balance of PreSale payments have been made we will email everyone that qualified with a link where you can select a size and a delivery or pick up method. If you want the singlet to train in, you will be able to pick it up at least 8 weeks before the event from one of our event partners locations which you will be able to select the one nearest to you.

If you don’t want to pick it up you can pay to have it sent by registered post, both options will be made available on the website after PreSale finishes. Please note, we do not sell these singlets, so they do not travel to events with the normal merchandise.


We allow merchandise to be purchased during PreSale (it is a good time with only $1 deposit tickets). The full amount for the merchandise items is billed to your card along with the ticket deposits straight away.

The merchandise does get sent straight away being fully paid for regardless of whether the event makes it through PreSale.

Group Bookings

During PreSale we can not facilitate group bookings as the event needs to be live for this to happen. In any chase, Presale will be a way better deal with the lowest price and the FREE PreSale Singlet, so get your crew hooked up now and help get the event live.


We will not start planning vendors for the Melbourne event until after July. But if you are a local food vendor or have a business that would love to activate to our Miss Muddies … drop us a note (after July)


This page on the website will be the go to for all relevant information once out of PreSale and right upto the event.

We do a lot of communication on the Facebook event page as well so make sure you have joined it if you are on FB -

With Facebook, we can deliver info but cannot monitor every comment from you guys … with hundreds of thousands across all our pages it is impossible, so if you need an answer on something not on this page … email works best.

For inquiries around ticketing or your dashboard contact PleezPay -

For inquiries around the event itself contact Miss Muddy -

We do not do customer support via phone as we use multiple customer support helpers and they all need to know where your inquiry is, so email is perfect for picking up the issue at any point.











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