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Saturday 10th November 2018 *Wildcard Winner*


Miss Muddy PreSale is the period at the start of the event campaign where we access if there is enough interest to make the event live to the public in that region. We only take a small deposit per ticket as a commitment with the balance only due if we hit the required numbers by close of PreSale.

The standard PreSale target for hosting a Miss Muddy is 2000 people (this number can be reduced through things like council funding). The number has to be reached organically, without the help of advertising to ensure those regions that want us the most get to host the events.

For Henty 2018 being our Wildcard event, we have extended the normal PreSale period from 6 weeks to 10 weeks to give the region a better chance for success as never running an event in Henty before, the community will need to rally to make it happen.

Outside of the best priced tickets for the event, PreSale also offers a FREE PreSale Singlet to those that book in PreSale and help us get the event LIVE. The singlet can be picked up for free from locations available to select during registration or you can pay to have it sent direct to you via tracked post (this postage fee will be refunded if the event doesn’t hit PreSale numbers).

PreSale Bookings

Miss Muddy Henty 2018 PreSale will be $1 deposit per ticket purchased through our contracted ticketing agent PleezPay.

Through the ticketing platform you will be able to buy tickets for yourself and as many friends as you want as well. Please be mindful that if PreSale is successful ALL your friends payments will automatically come from your card that you entered, so you will need to take a collection. All you need from your friends to book for them is an email address so you we can send them waiver information to sign.

Please Note - The $1 is not refundable if the event doesn’t hit the required numbers.

PleezPay Dashboard

Your PleezPay dashboard for the event has limited functionality during PreSale, but you can go in to add more bookings, change your wave time and update your payment details if your credit card expires.

Cancelling PreSale Bookings

PreSale bookings can be cancelled up until the PreSale ending dates only. No cancellations can be made after this point to ensure the required numbers stay made. Once event is LIVE, you will be able to transfer tickets free of charge … so you can sell or gift on any tickets you can no longer use after PreSale.

PreSale Singlets

Once all the balance of PreSale payments have been made we will organise PreSale singlets to be distributed to the pick up locations for collection or to your address if you have paid to have it delivered.

This all happens around 4 months out from the event (Aug 2018 for Henty) so right when your training should kick in :) … We will email and SMS everyone when they are ready for collection.


We allow merchandise to be purchased during PreSale (it is a good time with only $1 deposit tickets). The full amount for the merchandise items is billed to your card along with the ticket deposits straight away.

We do not send the merchandise until after the event makes it through PreSale though, and if in any case they event doesn’t make PreSale numbers we refund your merchandise purchase.

Group Bookings

During PreSale we can not facilitate group bookings as the event needs to be live for this to happen. In any chase, Presale will be a way better deal with the lowest price and the FREE PreSale Singlet, so get your crew hooked up now and help get the event live.


We will not start planning vendors for the Henty event until after August. But if you are a local food vendor or have a business that would love to activate to our Miss Muddies … drop us a note (after August)


This page on the website will be the go to for all relevant information once out of PreSale and right upto the event.

We do a lot of communication on the Facebook event page as well so make sure you have joined it if you are on FB - With Facebook, we can deliver info but cannot monitor every comment from you guys … with hundreds of thousands across all our pages it is impossible, so if you need an answer on something not on this page … email works best.

For inquiries around ticketing or your dashboard contact PleezPay -

For inquiries around the event itself contact Miss Muddy -

We do not do customer support via phone as we use multiple customer support helpers and they all need to know where your inquiry is, so email is perfect for picking up the issue at any point.


Before we hit Henty with a massive day of mud, colour, foam, fun and laughter we wanted to answer some event specific questions you may have about your upcoming day out. If we have missed anything specific you wanted to know, there is a heap of info on our Other FAQ’s Page.

Also make sure you join the Henty event page if you are on Facebook as we will post any new breaking news and cool pics of the build as it happens there

Pre-Check in

Check-in on event day is going to be busy so if you want to make your event day a little less stressful, we will be setting up Pre-Check In. More information will be provided closer to the event.

Pre-Check in also allows you to transfer your ticket to another person FREE of charge. The replacement participant will need to provide the original proof of purchase to registration and will need to fill in registration details.

Please bring your ID and registration email. Please note that team captains are unable to Pre Check-In their entire team. Each participant Pre Checking In has to be present in order for Miss Muddy to verify your identity.


We recommend you arrive at least 45 minutes before your wave start time, the event is at Henty Machinery Field Days. Registration desks on the day will open from 1 hour before the first wave on event day, we expect it to be pretty busy, so remember you can Pre Check in.


Spectators are allowed into the festival areas at Miss Muddy at no charge, so feel free to bring family and friends that want to come along (leave the family pets at home). Do let them know that access to the Miss Muddy course or using drones at the venue is prohibited.

The festival area allows them to experience the start and finish, there will be food outlets for them to eat and drink and they can check out our kids course on both days.

Obstacool is our kids course for boys and girls aged 5-13, tickets are available for purchase at or on the day.


Official parking at the event is limited, so we do encourage everyone to catch public transport or to carpool with your team mates.

Carpooling; outside of being a great way to hang out with your team more will help cover the parking fee cost and reduce the number of cars, especially for Sunday where our participant numbers are larger.

If you do decide to drive there will be a $10 per car parking charge (CASH ONLY) to park in the official car parks. This parking fee helps cover the cost of facilitating parking at the venue


When you arrive, follow the signage to the Check-In Zone and line up, you will be able to head to any desk to register.

You must provide photo ID to finalise your registration (please have this ready to minimise delays). Your registration may be refused if you are unable to provide identification.

Please provide your QR barcode sent to you in your confirmation email, this can be via a printout OR shown to us on your mobile device. The registration staff will scan this code to bring up your details and get you checked in. If you don’t have or forget the QR code you can check-in with photo ID.

Miss Muddies under the age of 18yrs running on Saturday will need to be signed in by a parent or guardian over the age of 18yrs.

On the Day registrations

Please note you can register online right up to an hour before a wave time and we will have onsite registrations available on the day.

Onsite registrations will be available for purchase at the allocated on the day registration desk located within the registration area.

The price of registration will be $100, we can take payment via cash and card (please note there is a 6.25% booking fee for card payments and we accept VISA and Mastercard).

On the day registrations will only be available for waves which are not already full, friends wishing to register on the day should arrive at least 60min before the wave they would like to participate in.

What if I Can’t attend anymore?

If you can’t make it anymore on the day we are sure you are disappointed but we don’t want your ticket to go to waste. You can transfer your ticket to a friend.

Online ticket transfers for Miss Muddy henty will close 2 weeks out from the event.

To transfer your ticket to another person on the day of the event the original participant will need to provide the replacement participant with proof of purchase. The replacement participant will need to provide the original proof of purchase to registration and will need to fill in registration details.

Replacement participants should arrive at registration at least 60min before the wave time allocated for the ticket. If they do not, the ticket may not be transferred to the new participant. **On the day transfers will incur an admin fee of $15 and will be cash only.

Bag Drop

For $2 you can DROP YOUR BAG to our bag drop volunteers for us to mind while you complete Miss Muddy.

Profits from Bag Drop go to our 2017 charity partners (we ask that you have exact money as they won’t have change to give out). The volunteers will attach a band to your wrist and a matching band to your bag. Bags will only be returned to the person who has the matching band.

While we will keep all of your gear as safe as possible we ask you to leave all valuables at home. Teams are advised to check all of your bags in together to make the process as simple as possible. Please note: We will not be held responsible for any valuables that are lost on the day.

First Aid

The terrain at this venue will be mainly flat but obstacles will be in some rougher areas so we suggest that if you have weak knees/ankles or are prone to rolling, that you strap them before the event.

There will also be first aid out on the course should you need assistance at any stage as well as at the finish line. In the event that you require medical assistance, please seek the assistance of the closest Volunteer or Miss Muddy Crew Member who will radio in assistance to our First Aid staff.


Our awesome Miss Muddy Merchandise will be available on the day for purchase at the Merchandise tent. We are excited to be bringing with us a few extra items we think you will love.

If you have your heart set on something please visit early in case we sell out and getting your merchandise prior to your race is always a good idea as you are clean, you won’t miss out and can leave items in the bag drop while you race. Please note, we cannot guarantee the delivery of your online merchandise order before the event if you order is within 2 weeks of the event date.

There will be eftpos facilities available (VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX) at the merchandise tent but to keep things moving quickly we encourage you to bring cash.


Is it safe to bring valuables on the course?

Please do not wear your valuables out on course! Mud can be very sticky and we have had instances where ladies have lost jewellery, activity trackers, phones and the like so please take these items off before you race as we cannot guarantee we will be able to track them down for you. ALL valuables should be left at home, we are also not responsible for any lost valuables from our Bag Drop facilities or ANYWHERE at the event.

Will any of the colour obstacles affect my hair dye / tint?

We do use colour out on the course that can cause a little colour transfer to blonde/dyed or tinted hair so we recommend you use a leave in conditioner before the race or come prepared with a shower cap to put on at specific obstacles.

Is there toilet facilities on the course?

There will be toilets on and off the course and a rinse down bay at the end.

Is there an ATM at the Event?

We can not guarantee any ATM facilities at this venue, so we ask that you bring enough cash for merchandise, food & beverages.

Are there photographers at the event?

Official Miss Muddy photographers will be capturing the event. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for information on how to access the photographs. (It can take up to two weeks for photo's to be available online)

Is there a time limit?

Our event is untimed. There is no rush or time limit for people to complete the course. Obstacles are not compulsory. If you do not feel comfortable attempting an obstacle, then simply go around it!

Is there crew members and volunteers out on the course if I need assistance?

There will be volunteers and crew both on the course and around the venue during the event that will be wearing Teal volunteer shirts or black polos with ‘CREW’ in hot pink text (Miss Muddy Crew). If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Please remember most of our helpers are volunteers so please be patient and courteous to them.

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